The Expert, a GLoG class

     I noticed a lot of people were making "specialist" classes, but what they meant by "specialist" was "loser in all black who can climb and sneak and backstab". And what I wanted was "Someone who specializes in a particular skill or skill set" so I became the change I wanted to see in the world, and made The Expert. This class pretty well replicates the DnD ranger, and most skill-focused rogues, but is intended to also get you those oh so good "non-combatant" allies like linguists and surgeons and things. 


Starting Equipment: "Dueling" weapon (sabre, singlestick, etc), Book, 1d6 silver. 

Starting Skill: Any

A: Genius, Dabbler

B: Clever

C: Technobabble

D: It's just like...


If you attempt something you are skilled at, under good conditions, you succeed automatically. If you have bad

conditions/tools, you can attempt without disadvantage. 


Every template you take in this class (including the first) gives you another skill of your choosing, for free. 


No matter your intelligence score, and to a reasonable extent no matter your actions, people tend to think of you as clever

and wise. Random people in the street will listen to your advice if you talk like you know what you're saying, and people will believe

nonsense about something you know about. 


You understand your skills better than the universe itself. You can say something related to one of your skills is true, and it will be.

This has to be some kind of mundane fact (like "Gorillas are terrified of onions" not "I am god!"). You recharge this ability by doing

research or experiments for a day. 

It's just like…

While skills can ordinarily be used unorthodoxly (like Butchery to stop bleeding wounds or Poaching to hit a called shot), you can

use them in just silly ways. Once per week, you can treat any action as if it were one of your skills, proclaiming "It's just like [skill]".

This does not give you a new skill, just lets you use it once (saying sword fighting is just like surgery doesn't make it so)

This is an unplaytested first draft, so it's probably way too strong or weak or something, but there it is. 

Several of these classes abilities were inspired by skerples' Philosopher class. Link to that post here:


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