The Diastasi Mati

    The Diastasi Mati are people with one eye that can see from the fourth dimension. This is the only interesting thing about them. The rest is just details. 


The Diastasi Mati are the same size and shape as ordinary people, with much the same internal organs. The exception is that they lack any internal or external reproductive organs of any kind. They still have sexual dimorphism, and they still reproduce, by unknown means. In all Diastasi Mati, it is the left eye that is peculiar. The left eye is a silvery grey, and reflects light wrong, sometimes reflecting light that isn't there, other times not reflecting light that is there. It is slightly bigger than the socket it is in. 

The Eye

The power of the eye is best thought of with a classic metaphor to 2D people. Picture a 2D person with one eye on their head, and the other 6 inches to the left of their entire world. This eye allows them to see the inside of anything within 100 feet, and see any other Diastasi Mati within miles (the eyes are pretty much all there is to look at). 

Every time an eye has been dissected, it has revealed an entirely different internal structure. From this, it can be inferred that the eyes are at different distances from our world, even very slightly. The fact that we can see it at all implies it extends both into and out of our world, in a shape that can be thought of as oblong. 


The fourth dimensional eye of the Diastasi Mati allows them to see things no other mortal can. You cannot see the inner folds of your own brain, but a Diastasi Mati can. They see each of their own breaths, and each beat of their own heart. This most notably allows them to see the weight and position of their own souls, and this induces a sort of deep nihilism in them. For a few dollars, one of them will gladly tell you whether or not you are going to hell. 

The Diastasi Mati also hate all gods, and constantly mock and blaspheme them. Oddly, this doesn't lead to them getting struck by lightning bolts or smote with boils. It is theorized that they can tell when the gods are watching, by keeping a sharp eye turned on the 4th dimension, and they pick only the moments in which they are hidden. Regardless, no infernomancer has ever seen one in hell, so they must not be stupid about it. 

The Diastasi Mati are also cynical, almost universally. They know what happens behind closed doors. They see as the pious and devout farmer beats his children for talking back, and see what really happens behind the closed doors of the Capital. They don't know what everyone is hiding, as they lack fourth dimensional hearing (though many learn to read lips) and they can't see from everywhere at once. Still, expect them to know lots and lots of juicy scandalous gossip. 

In Your World

The Diastasi Mati make for excellent spies, as they can "see through" walls and report on enemy plans from the outside. 

As mentioned before the Diastasi Mati can observe the weight and color of the soul, and while they can use this to determine who is heaven bound, they have also used it to make revolutions in theology. They get a test subject to stand in the temple of some god, and then make various statements like "the goddess Phosphora is a friend to toads" and then the Diastasi Mati will take notes on the changes in the spiritual weight of the subject. 

It is by this method that the domains of Worrying Specific Gods have been divined. It is how we know to rattle our drawers at the mention of Anoia, or that Krusz demands the devout be burned alive instead of suffer a natural death. 

If there's anything you want to be common knowledge, but that nobody could ever find out, it is often possible to explain it with Diastasi Mati. 


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