The Ghoul Hotel, a spooky level zero funnel for 2-6 players and their 12-15 characters.

     This is a Level 0 Funnel about being the main course at a hotel for ravenous and wealthy ghouls. At this point, it's almost seeming like romantic fantasy. The intent (or really, blank hope) is that each dangerous situation herein has a violent solution, a social solution, and a clever solution. I think they all have at least two of the three. Also, it turned out sillier and video-gamier than I wanted, but I genuinely like it and it still has some of that survival-horror bite that the OSR blogosphere loves so much.  1 Food Closet      Each character wakes up with a splitting headache, in a brown sack. The room smells terrible. Once out of the sacks (don't make anyone roll, they can get out of the sacks), There are various pantry/kitchen items, such as a broom, apples, onions, pots, pans, and knives. Hopefully your players are smart enough to get daggers and helmets out of these. Door to 2 Ghoul Kitchen 2 Ghoul Kitchen     This is a large white room full of various kitchen t

D20 low powered magic items.

    Sometimes, it's better to have a lower powered magic item. Some of these kinda got away from me in power, and all of them become lethal nukes in the hands of players, but at least theoreticallly you can plop them in a magic items shop or an early dungeon or something without your game spiralling into the sun.  1:  Something made of Elfsteel . It never rusts or corrodes, and it glows in the presence of undead. Functions otherwise ordinarily.  2: A tincture that makes the drinker immune to mundane amount of heat, cold, dryness, and humidity. Sold in bundles of 3. 3: A large wooden ale mug that can never have it's contents poisoned or sullied. 4: An axe that makes wounds shaped like whatever you want (stolen from goblin punch ). 5: A ring that prevents the need for (but not the possibility of) sleep. 6: Arrows that return to your quiver after striking their target. 7: Two coins that mirror each others movement (flip one, the other flips as well, etc). 8: Two crowns. When one i

My own personal Lovecraft system.

I'm mostly just posting this for a pbp game but you can read it casually too. Scholar (you know a lot about just one thing, but it can help sometimes!) Nice clothes, equipment for your field, academic book, strange trinket. -You are skilled in an academic field (mathematics, chemistry, etc) and know an absurd amount about it. Assume all related knowledge is known automatically. -You gain +1 die in regards to your academic field.  -You cannot lose sanity from talking or reading about sanity-damaging subjects, only by witnessing them. This allows you to teach someone else without hurting them as well.  Investigator (the default cosmic horror adventurer) Street clothes, journal, pen, hand weapon, vice of choice (alcohol, cigarettes, etc).  -Heal 1d4 Sanity when you indulge in the vice you choose when you make your character (smoking, drinking, gambling, etc). -You gain +1 die where perception is involved. -You can gather clues others would miss, allowing you to ask 1 extra question

Reversed monsters.

it's also the reverse of a blog post in that it's bad and not good Skeletons  Skin husks: Skin husks are big floating skins of people, monsters, and animals. They move like those leaves you see drifting on the wind, in that they drift on the wind. They are shockingly light, much lighter than skins actually are. They attempt to wrap around your body, and slowly move themselves over your skin. If you don't fit, it will stretch/crush you until it fits snugly around. Ghoul  Incubator. Looks only somewhat humanoid, with a huge barrel chest about twice the size of a normal torso, tiny vestigial arms, and hundreds of tiny legs. It has no head, instead it's neck ending in a large flared hole big enough to push a melon through. It's full of a thick yellowish liquid that sloshes when it walks, and it is not particularly hostile. If you throw in anything human, such as a hair or fingertip, it creates a whole, new person out of it over the course of the next 1d6 minutes, and vo

I have no mouth, and I must blog.

 in absence of anything particularly interesting to do, here are some little bits of content that have been running through my head, screaming. Fungus Hounds are what happens when a bunch of mushrooms decide to stop sitting around like jags and actually do something. they form up into an odd, three legged sphere with jaws that most closely resembles a wolf covered in brown toadstools. It moves slowly, relying only on it's full-body sense of taste to navigate. when it finds someone, if bites them, vomits spores into the wound, and runs away. A few days later, the bitten will notice a small mushroom growing on their hand, or face, or leg, or something else. For 1 week (or 2d6 days, either works) the mushrooms will spread, reaching the spine on the last day. At this point, the victim is compelled to climb to a high spot vomit yet more spores into the air, then curl up and die. At this stage, only immediate and intense medical attention can save the victim. If every mushroom is removed

Red Shirts on the ship

      Red Shirts that go down on the planet get shot with ray guns and sucked into time portals. Red shirts who stay on the ship fight aliens and pirates and fires. They do the fighting, the guarding, and the repairing. The salt of the planet. You are one such red shirt, signed up for simple, perilous work and simple, less perilous pay. RED PERSONNEL SELF-ASSESSMENT FORM Name:__________________________ Current physical condition:          O - Healthy   O - Injured   O - Downed   O - Dead Do you believe yourself better at Security or Engineering? □ Security   □ Engineering Possessions: ________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ You have a basic toolkit, such as a screwdriver, wrench, etc, as well a laser gun.      When you attempt risky action, pick one of Cheap, Fast, or Right. If your Better At (Security or Engineering), pick two instead. actions done Fast are finished before consequences apply (you smack the

Ride or Die, an RPG

 You drive vehicles really fast and shoot at each other. Think fast and furious, think mad max, think mario kart. YOUR VEHICLE You and your team design a vehicle. Decide on one way it moves (legs, wheels, rockets, whatever) and one way it's powered (coal, uranium, hamster wheels). Then each player adds something they like (harpoon, flamethrower, nitro booster). To make enemy vehicles, give it the power source and locomotion, then 2 cool things. Maybe 3 or 4 if it's a big bad vehicle. DOING STUFF (AS A VEHICLE) Keep track of who Has The Wheel. if someone Has The Wheel they can decide how the vehicle moves. They can do things such as ramming, dodging, chasing, and escaping. Anyone who does not Have the Wheel can use one of the cool things added in vehicle creation. Once everyone on the vehicle has acted, any nearby enemy vehicles will act, generally taking one action from the wheel and one other action. Leaving the wheel costs a character their action, but taking it does not so t