Red Shirts on the ship

      Red Shirts that go down on the planet get shot with ray guns and sucked into time portals. Red shirts who stay on the ship fight aliens and pirates and fires. They do the fighting, the guarding, and the repairing. The salt of the planet. You are one such red shirt, signed up for simple, perilous work and simple, less perilous pay. RED PERSONNEL SELF-ASSESSMENT FORM Name:__________________________ Current physical condition:          O - Healthy   O - Injured   O - Downed   O - Dead Do you believe yourself better at Security or Engineering? □ Security   □ Engineering Possessions: ________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ You have a basic toolkit, such as a screwdriver, wrench, etc, as well a laser gun.      When you attempt risky action, pick one of Cheap, Fast, or Right. If your Better At (Security or Engineering), pick two instead. actions done Fast are finished before consequences apply (you smack the

Ride or Die, an RPG

 You drive vehicles really fast and shoot at each other. Think fast and furious, think mad max, think mario kart. YOUR VEHICLE You and your team design a vehicle. Decide on one way it moves (legs, wheels, rockets, whatever) and one way it's powered (coal, uranium, hamster wheels). Then each player adds something they like (harpoon, flamethrower, nitro booster). To make enemy vehicles, give it the power source and locomotion, then 2 cool things. Maybe 3 or 4 if it's a big bad vehicle. DOING STUFF (AS A VEHICLE) Keep track of who Has The Wheel. if someone Has The Wheel they can decide how the vehicle moves. They can do things such as ramming, dodging, chasing, and escaping. Anyone who does not Have the Wheel can use one of the cool things added in vehicle creation. Once everyone on the vehicle has acted, any nearby enemy vehicles will act, generally taking one action from the wheel and one other action. Leaving the wheel costs a character their action, but taking it does not so t

Labyrinths and Lizardfolk, the game I said I would post or leave but I changed the name of for copywrite/trademark reasons that don't actually matter: return of the sith

  LABYRINTHS AND LIZARDFOLK STATS AND GENERATING THEM Roll 3d6 each for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The system is d20 roll-under. I am tremendously creative.  Strength: Physical force, such as striking, jumping, or throwing Dexterity: Physical coordination, such as climbing, dodging, or sneaking Constitution: Physical toughness, such as resisting poison, cold, or exhaustion Intelligence: Concentration and precision, such as picking locks, tinkering, and deciphering Wisdom: Perception and Awareness, such as shooting, tracking, or seeing illusions Charisma: All social interaction, such as frightening, lying, or provoking.  Then note down that you have 6 hit points. This may increase depending on other factors. Damage is subtracted from hit points in increments of six-sided dice. 1 for normal damage such as weapons, 2 for severe damage such as giant snake venom, and 3 for massive damage like dragons breath. If damage takes you to 0 or negatives,

A challenge I pose to all who dare face it.

    There are a lot of worldbuilding challenges passing around, from Jojiro's orthodoxies  to Vayra's ten setting question's  we've got an abundance. Oh boy can I help. I've got my own method to step up to the ring with and it's one hell of a doozy. Design a world in 6 hats. As is traditional, I will go first. 1. A crudely made Ushanka hat with an actual hammer and sickly nailed to it. 2. A lightly bloodstained gas mask with a sticker saying "Safety First!". 3. A pair of night vision goggles with a metal plate guarding the back of the neck. 4. A blindfold with "DONT TOUCH" written in blood on the front. 5. A crown of scrap metal with a hole through the front center. 6. A very expensive pay-by-the-hour VR headset that just displays a warm green field.     Mine were very short but had some description, obviously you can go as far as paragraphs on paragraphs or as little as the names. Happy harberdashing!

answering the 13 orthodoxies because I am a highly trained bandwagoneer.

Your players arrive in an abandoned city – the first thing they do is enter a home, asking what’s left of the pantry. What do you say to them? Shelves are crashed on their sides, cans have been swept onto the ground, salted meat hooks hang empty from the ceiling with scraps just barely clinging on. All in all, it seems someone took as much as they could, and left fast. Your players want to talk to a city magistrate about an unpopular idea of theirs. In order to catch the magistrate off-guard, they approach early in the morning. What state do they find the magistrate in? Slumped back on the couch, hand dangling onto the floor, half paying attention to a plate of syrupy yellow lemon on a big dinner plate on their chest. Does not seem to mind this attention, more likely out of lethargy and burnout than of confidence. During character creation, a player mentions that they want a naturally blue-haired character. Not for any particular reason, you were envisioning your campaign setting witho

answering Vayra's setting questions.

  1) What class knows the most martial arts? Are they real martial arts like kung fu, or made up ones like krav maga? there aren't classes per se (hon hon, oui oui, I am better than you) but of all the things the players can do for martial skills probably you would want to seek out the hands of someone who was a great fighter, and get them glommed onto your wrists. its all about the memory of the bones, you see. gotta leverage that bone memory. so I guess that class would be "fucking glorious bastard who survived getting someone else's hands swapped for their's with medieval medicine. 2) Can I start out having already made a deal with the devil or do I have to do that in game? I suppose you *could* start by having a deal with the devil, but it would have to be worked out, like playing a dragon or a time traveler. you could also make one in game, and in that case it would be a little less worked out, as I plan on making rules for deals with extra-planar beings (its one

MossSlammer, a horrid theft packaged as an original rpg system.

     Start with one <3 and 10 to-hit. roll 3d6 straight for each of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. every stat of 13 or above is a +1 and every stat of 8 or lower is a -1. Roll 1d6 and attempt to get at least 6 when you attempt a challenging task. Add relevant stat bonus, as well as a +1 for each of relevant knowledge, good tools, and good circumstances. If you cannot succeed, roll a 20 on 1d20. roll 1d20 under To-Hit when attacking, defending yourself, or using things relevant to combat reflexes.      When you get harmed, lose one <3 . Explosive, massive, or monstrous damage does <3 <3 . Some things debilitate or pain you without being immediately fatal, they make you gain Stress. Stress subtracts from To-Hit, if this brings you to 0 To-Hit, you collapse and permanently lose one maximum To-Hit. If maximum To-Hit is 0 you are dead.      Spend a treasure to gain a level. gaining a level gives you +1 <3 and your choice of a level in