D20 low powered magic items.

    Sometimes, it's better to have a lower powered magic item. Some of these kinda got away from me in power, and all of them become lethal nukes in the hands of players, but at least theoreticallly you can plop them in a magic items shop or an early dungeon or something without your game spiralling into the sun. 

1:  Something made of Elfsteel. It never rusts or corrodes, and it glows in the presence of undead. Functions otherwise ordinarily. 

2: A tincture that makes the drinker immune to mundane amount of heat, cold, dryness, and humidity. Sold in bundles of 3.

3: A large wooden ale mug that can never have it's contents poisoned or sullied.

4: An axe that makes wounds shaped like whatever you want (stolen from goblin punch).

5: A ring that prevents the need for (but not the possibility of) sleep.

6: Arrows that return to your quiver after striking their target.

7: Two coins that mirror each others movement (flip one, the other flips as well, etc).

8: Two crowns. When one is placed on a willing participant, you can read their surface thoughts.

9: An icon of a scarab beetle that makes you immune to insect bites or insect venom.

10: A lantern that reveals invisible things in it's light

11: A sealed glass ball containing a small fish. The fish becomes extremely visibly worried in the presence of something which might kill it, even if it can neither see nor hear it. 

12: 6 small candied organs. A heart, a spine, a liver, a brain, an eye, and a tongue. Each one corresponds to the ability score in the same place as it (heart is strength, dex is spine, etc). Eating one raises that stat by 2 for 1 minute.

13: A spyglass that lets you look into someone's eye and see their highest level prepared spell.

14: A small pouch of powder that negates the effects of up to 50x its volume in acid.

15: A weapon whose head changes with the moon (a mace at full moon, a sickle at crescent, etc)

16: A silver crown that lets you control the aging process of anything with HD 0. (ants, gretchlings, etc)

17. A shield that reflects the pain, but not injury of attacks.

18. An amulet that doubles the amount of gore produced from harming someone without causing more injury (stab them and twice the blood flows out but the normal amount stays in). 

19. A balance with two small cups. If an object is placed in each cup, they weight the same amount as long as they remain in the balance (weight is equal to the first one placed in) 

20. A wooden box that duplicates a single, small, non-magical object a day. So works on coins, arrows, biscuits, and bullets, but not magic rings, multiple coins, or people. 

So here are twenty low-powered or maybe regular magic items, I hope your players wreck shit with them. 


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