Ride or Die, an RPG

 You drive vehicles really fast and shoot at each other. Think fast and furious, think mad max, think mario kart.


You and your team design a vehicle. Decide on one way it moves (legs, wheels, rockets, whatever) and one way it's powered (coal, uranium, hamster wheels). Then each player adds something they like (harpoon, flamethrower, nitro booster). To make enemy vehicles, give it the power source and locomotion, then 2 cool things. Maybe 3 or 4 if it's a big bad vehicle.


Keep track of who Has The Wheel. if someone Has The Wheel they can decide how the vehicle moves. They can do things such as ramming, dodging, chasing, and escaping. Anyone who does not Have the Wheel can use one of the cool things added in vehicle creation. Once everyone on the vehicle has acted, any nearby enemy vehicles will act, generally taking one action from the wheel and one other action. Leaving the wheel costs a character their action, but taking it does not so the new driver can move immediately.


If something has no risk of death, you can just do it. Walking across a bride to an enemy vehicle, taking a potshot at an opposing driver, and percussively maintaining a harpoon gun all fall under this category. Something with a serious risk of death, such as leaping from your vehicle to another, getting into a gunfight with an enemy boarder, or percussively maintaining a uranium engine have you flip a coin. If you call it, you Ride, successfully performing the action and keeping the scene flowing. if you don't call it, you Die, either leading to your death or serious mutilation/injury.


You can carry one item for each hand you have, one on your belt (accessible at any time) and one on your back (accessible with a turn spent). You are assumed to have any common item that you say you have. Guns, lassos, pipes, wrenches, blowtorches, spare tires, and bandages are all assumed common items on a vehicle. Anything weird you have to improvise/craft/buy/steal.


You win the race by being the fastest vehicle left on the track after 10 rounds. Being on the track is simple, you just need your power source, moving thing, and at least one crew member still un-destroyed. The fastest vehicle, by default, is just a randomly chosen other vehicle with a clearly defined reason (you can see lightning decals, or it has giant rockets on the side or something like that). The players are the second fastest. for every broken bit of the vehicles, you move down a ranking (A flat wheel makes you third fastest, losing a gun on top of that makes you fourth, etc).


Between races, dead players make new crew members (basically just another name and quirk, you will find no clunky stat or skill system in my realm), vehicles get repaired, and cash is collected. you get 5 cash for first place, 3 for second, 2 for third, and 1 for anything else. It takes 1 cash to give all characters a chosen item, or one character a full inventory of chosen gear. 1 cash can also buy you some cheating/sabotage, like having an opposing crew member kill their pilot, or getting a crowd member to shoot the wheels of your enemies.


If you need rules for other things then make them yourself and idk make a blog post about it I like this system. 


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